Chronicle Pounces on Eggers’ Panorama

25f88287da1955fd9c97ace5e6b8cfd4 0 Chronicle Pounces on Eggers PanoramaIssue 33 of McSweeney’s–a one-time-only newspaper called the Panorama designed to demonstrate the fun things ink and paper can do–will be released in a couple weeks. The San Francisco Chronicle rehashes this news today, and gets comments from some non-Dave Eggers people involved in the production of print journalism.

It seems old newsdudes may not be totally keen on these whippersnappers’  attempt to save the day:

John Sturm, head of the Newspaper Association of America, a nonprofit representing 2,000 newspapers, cautions that a one-time paper produced by a literary publishing house is entirely different from a daily news enterprise. But he welcomes any effort that brings attention to the medium.

The beleagured Chronicle, for its part, is on board: they’ll be selling copies of the Panorama as well as reprinting some of its content.


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