In Monserrate-Peralta Race, a Democratic Club Takes Its Time

Jose Peralta has been racking up a string of early endorsements in his bid to oust Hiram Monserrate from the State Senate. But when the president of the JFK Democratic Club put forward a motion to endorse Peralta on Wednesday night–a full year before the election–there was an objection.

“We haven’t heard from either one of the candidates yet,” club member Alfonso Quiroz recalled saying. In an interview this afternoon, Quiroz said, “I thought it was important for members of our community to hear the candidates debate the issues.”

“Number one,” he said, “are they for or against gay marriage?”

NY1 has Monserrate in the undecided/won’t say category. While in the Assembly, Peralta voted in favor of same-sex marraige.

Other issues Quiroz said needed to be addressed were plans for reducing the deficit and providing affordable housing.

Quiroz said once he raised his objection, other members voiced similar complaints and the motion was withdrawn.