Long on Giuliani Report: Told You

ALBANY—The Times is reporting an unsurprising piece of news: Rudy Giuliani will not run for governor, according to conversations he is having with associates.

Giuliani’s spokesman Maria Comela said that to say a decision has been made is “premature,” but many in Republican circles were not holding their breath for a Giuliani gubernatorial bid.

“If you remember, I was one of the lone voices that said consistently that I didn’t think he was going to run, and it doesn’t strike me any which way,” Mike Long, chairman of the State Conservative Party (and no Giuliani lover), told me. “I’ll be honest with you, I was with him Monday night at the Molinari Republican Club, and he gave a very good speech, but his speech was really on national themes. I said to myself, it sounded more like he was running for U.S. Senate or looking to run for president again.”

Others knew, too.