McCarthy Pleges Support to Gillibrand, After the Primary

At an appearance this morning with Senator Gillibrand, a onetime critic, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island, said she’d work to help get the senator elected in next year’s election. She cited the freshman senator’s support for new gun control restrictions that the pair will introduce next week in Congress. But afterward, McCarthy told reporters she “believes in the primary system” and will only help Gillibrand in the general election.

McCarthy and Gillibrand made their joint announcement at John Jay College, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on hand. Gillibrand didn’t talk to reporters after the event, but McCarthy did. She said, among other things, that she doubts Rudy Giuliani will ultimately run for Senate.

“I find it very hard to see former Mayor Giuliani running for the Senate,” McCarthy said. “The senator, or I should say Mayor Giuliani, is an executive-type person. And to start your life as a freshman senator I don’t think would fit into his lifestyle. So, we’ll see if he actually does come forward. That being said, obviously, I’m going to stick with Senator Gillibrand. I do believe she will be the nominee from the Democratic Party. I believe in the primary system. And whoever comes out of the primary, obviously I’m going to work very hard to get them elected and right now I would say that is going to be Senator Gillibrand.”