NY-23: Recount? Probably

SARANAC LAKE—A Democratic lawyer who has obtained a court order impounding all paper ballot results said he doesn’t expect a final result tonight.

“What’s significant in terms of tonight, by our count, there are going to be about 14,000 pieces of paper out there tonight, be they military, absentee, federal special or any ballots generated at the boards will be maintained at the boards and secured,” Frank Hoare just told me by phone. “It’s unlikely there’ll be a winner tonight unless the number off the machine is eight or nine thousand, which I’m told because of light turnout and the way this campaign’s been fought out, I think is unlikely.”

Then I cried a little, thinking about the 20th Congressional Race and the recount that dominated my life for a month. Exit polls are indicating Doug Hoffman Hoffman running slightly ahead of Bill Owens. Hoare obtained an order last week to make sure that a recount proceeded under legal watch.

Hoare told me he will call Justice Robert Muller to determine what to do tomorrow.

“We left it open, because the view was, let’s see what happens off the machines,” Hoare said.


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