Paterson Asks for the Buck to Be Passed to Him So At Least He’d Have a Buck

This morning, David Paterson sent a bill to the legislature asking them to abdicate their power over the budget and allow him the unfettered authority to slash and burn the state’s budget as he sees fit.

“This would grant me, as governor, a one-time authority to balance our budget, preserve our credit rating and keep New York afloat,” Paterson said in a four-minute speech webcast speech. “Please note the fate of so many other states that did not take this action. Cut this deficit with me or I’ll do it myself.”

The bill may or may not be constitutional, and would need to pass a divided legislature that has already sparred with the governor over his proposed cuts. So it’s safe to say this is unlikely to pass.

But when your poll numbers are this low, and you’re bracing for a fund-raising avalance that might just bury you, maybe you have to try something. At least one person thought it was courageous.