Paterson Campaign Takes to the Air

As promised, Governor David Paterson is pressing on with his bid to seek re-election–despite historically low poll numbers, a White House directive to stand down, and a potentially strong challenger waiting in the wings.

He’s out with two new television ads this morning, and really, why not? He had $5.4 million in campaign cash as of July, so he may as well  try to boost his approval rating in the hopes that he can salvage a re-election bid. And, as Jimmy Vielkind notes:

They come just before a special session where the governor will battle the legislature. NYSUT has already launched a radio ad against him, and health care interests today announced it too was taking to the radio airwaves arguing against Paterson’s proposed budget cuts. Television ads by these interest groups devastated Paterson’s poll standing during the last budget cycle; the governor did not fund his own positive ads.

The two ads are both surprisingly frank. One, called “When,” acknowledges the governor’s missteps while touting his inspiring life story. The other–”Some Say”–trumpets the calls for him not to run as evidence that he’s working for the people.