Ruben Diaz Sr. Will Return Monday to Vote Against Things

ALBANY—A good (?) harbinger: State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. says he will be coming to the Capitol for Monday’s session.

“They sent me the governor’s budget proposal, so we have something to negotiate, so I’ll be in Albany. They just delivered it to me at my house. UPS,” Diaz told me just now, enjoying some turkey with his wife. “That means that we have something to talk about. So I’ll come to Albany to vote no on it.”

Diaz has said he will vote against anything that contains cuts to senior services, which the governor’s deficit reduction bill does. But he has also said he will not take part in a session without an actual deal–he thinks it’s a waste of time to be in Albany as leaders negotiate, slowly.

He was here Tuesday, when David Paterson sent down his actual bill and another measure to temporarily give him extra authority to cut the budget.

“Me being here is supposed to be a sign we’re close,” Diaz said then. “But they lied to me.”