The Senate Unites, For Now

ALBANY—David Paterson has succeeded in uniting the State Senate.

“As I said, Leader Sampson and I have been working very well together, we will continue to do that,” Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos said in a joint scrum with Democratic Senate Leader John Sampson on the chamber floor. “We just need the governor to stop thinking poll-wise, and realize that our minds are there to get something done–he should be in the same room.”

Both agreed that they would not take up Paterson’s proposal to temporarily vest budget authority in himself. (“This is not the old Soviet Union–those days are over,” Skelos said.) Both said they would continue to work, and send everyone home for Thanksgiving. Now it appears all legislators will return Monday.

“This is not about politics or gamesmanship,” Sampson said. “We can play that game–senator Skelos and myself can play that game–but we decided not to play it.”