Weiner’s Message for (Some) Primary Losers

thecongressman Weiners Message for (Some) Primary LosersIn a City Hall News story about Anthony Weiner, this line caught my attention: “he sends a note to everyone who loses a primary in New York City.”

I contacted a couple of Democrats who’ve lost primaries to see if they’d heard from Weiner. Turns out, not many had. (One got a present, though.)

Melinda Katz: “We don’t recall any.”

Eric Gioia: “I don’t think he sent me a letter. But he did buy me lunch, which I thought was very nice of him. He also sent a really thoughtful baby gift.”

Mark Green: “I haven’t seen any.”

Simcha Felder: A spokesman doesn’t remember him getting one.

Tony Avella: “No, I didn’t get any letter from him. Is he using taxpayer money for this?”

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