Cynical, Cynical Daily News Columnist Thinks New Post Columnist Got the Job as a Circulation Stunt

Proving that there are still journalism jobs for those with proper qualifications, Ashley Dupre became the Post‘s newest advice columnist this week.

Controversy ensued!

It seems that some people do not feel the former escort is in a position to give advice in print. The Daily News‘ Joanna Molloy, for one, expresses her contempt using sarcasm:

It’s a wonder that “David K of Tribeca” and “Meredith of Queens” needed to seek out the counsel of the former prostitute.

It’s also a wonder how they knew Dupre would have her first column Sunday and had already written to that fact-challenged paper with questions like “My girlfriend says she doesn’t like porn. Is she lying?”

Hey, if her editors want to give the wanna-be singer her 16th minute of fame and they’re consenting adults, who are we to be snarky about it?

But her mockery gives way to journalistic distress. The Post, she points out, once gave Victoria Gotti a column–“so maybe it’s just all about selling newspapers?”