Pete King on Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’

568989232 0 Pete King on Obamas Iron CurtainRepresentative Pete King is having the same problem as he investigates the recent incident of terrorism that he had trying to get to the bottom of the White House party crashers.

“It’s very hard–even for me, being on the Homeland Security Committee and the Intelligence Committee-–to get any information out of this administration,” the Republican congressman told Fox News today

“We’re still trying to find out what happened at Fort Hood, they won’t give us information on that. And on the White House party crashers. Since Friday, basically an iron curtain has come down as far as providing information to members of Congress,” Mr. King said. (Other Republicans are echoing his complaints.)

He went on to chastise Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for not being aggressive enough in making sure potential terrorists don’t slip through no-fly lists. “We have to have a Secretary of Homeland Security who shows some intensity,” he said.