Peter King Is Really Concerned About the Gate-Crashers Thing, But Really

Republicans are suddenly very concerned about whether our president is safe from the threat of fame-seeking party crashers.

“I take this very seriously,” Representative Peter King said on Good Morning America today. Mr. King accused the White House of “stonewalling” his efforts to investigate how the infamous Salehi couple got into that state dinner, by subpoenaing Social Secretary Desiree Rogers. But the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee said it wasn’t personal with Ms. Rogers. But it is personal with press secretary Robert Gibbs, who Mr. King thinks is being “kind of a wise guy” for mocking his interest in the matter.

“I don’t think even Peter King would have the audacity to in some way put the Salahis in the trifecta of Watergate, 9/11 or some of the financial dealings,” Mr. Gibbs told reporters yesterday morning.

“The only audacity I have is the audacity of hope that the White House will be honest, and so far, they’re not being honest on this issue,” Mr. King said this morning.