Thompson Says He’ll Run Again, Eventually. Maybe Soon

Bill Thompson said there is “a very good chance” he’ll run for office again, and said he’ll announce a decision next month about running statewide.

During an interview on Inside City Hall, Thompson said, “I guess there is a chance, or a very good chance eventually I’ll run for office again.”

He went on to say, “I think within the next month I have to make a decision. I think that that is fair to everybody and fair to myself.” Thompson added that it is a “decision that has to be made; it has to be made next month.”

Next month, candidates for state office, like comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, will disclose their latest fund-raising numbers, which will help determine how strong a position they’re in. Right now, DiNapoli has $1,219,852.40 on hand. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, whom Thompson is considering challenging, has $5,524,614 on hand.