Today in Local Sports Coverage: And Mark Said ‘I’LL EAT YOU UP!’ So He Was Sent to the Bench Without Eating Anything

This morning, in the strange saga that is the Jets season, we finally get some legitimate conflict between your two protagonists.

Rex Ryan decided yesterday that he won’t let Mark Sanchez play–despite the rookie quarterback’s protestations–and Sanchez isn’t happy about it. Naturally, both papers can’t resist, so it’s on both back covers. “BABY SITTING” says the Daily News; while the Post calls it a “SIT FIT.”

They run the same basic story, except that Rich Cimini was a little more industrious in the Daily News. He called two orthopedists, who, Frist-like, diagnose Sanchez from afar and decide that he could play with the injury without much risk, unless there was other damage around the knee.

In both papers, your columnists both point out it’s a good opportunity for backup Kellen Clemens, who hasn’t seen much time on the field lately, and hasn’t exactly capitalized when he’s been out there. George Willis and Filip Bondy both expect him to drive the Jets’ bus by handing off a lot, but Bondy is a little more enthusiastic about this being the right call by Rex.

The Jets drama overshadows what probably would have been your back cover otherwise: Andy Pettite re-signed with the Yankees yesterday after a few weeks of making everyone wonder whether he was coming back. That only serves to make the Mets look bad. They’re looking for a starter, but the supply is rather low, and the demand is rather high. Scott Boras sayss the team is a “juggernaut economically,” and should sign whoever it wants. But then, he would say that.

“He told me he just finished talking about us,” [Mets GM Omar] Minaya said after passing Boras in a lobby. “… Scott is pretty good at what he does. He told me he spoke to you guys. I said, ‘Oh, that’s great, Scott.'”