Today in Local Sports Coverage: Saying Hey to Bay

The Mets finally landed Jason Bay yesterday, so the slugging left fielder lands on both back covers.

“BAY HEY!” says the Daily News headline. “BAY HEY KID!” says the Post, which is funny for a couple reasons.

First, Bay’s not exactly a kid. At 31, your columnists wonder whether he’s too old for the Mets to be investing $66 million dollars in him. Joel Sherman wonders about him, parenthetically:

Jason Bay still has to pass a physical (no sure thing). He still has to pass a stink test that he actually wants to be a Met (no sure thing). And he still has to pass through several hundred games as a two-way player (no sure thing).

Second, I’m relatively certain the scouting report on Willie Mays–at 31 years old–didn’t say this: “is a conservative fielder with an iffy arm and lacking speed.”

By 41 it might have, which is when the Mets trading for an aging Mays and let him play out a two-year New York swan song. He hit .211 in 1973 and said “growing old is just a helpless hurt.” So, here’s hoping the Bay Hey Kid has better luck in a Mets uniform than the Say Hey Kid did.

John Harper likes the deal.

Yet the Mets had no choice but to overpay to some degree, and, after all, the Sox offered Bay $60million weeks ago to come back. And whether Bay really didn’t want to play for the Mets, as has been widely suggested, or he was simply trying to squeeze them for every dollar he could, the Mets got their man at what appears to be the best possible price.”

Although have we confirmed that the Sox were really serious? Because it sure seemed like a one-team sweepstakes for most of the last couple weeks.

Meanwhile, Mark Cannizzaro does his best to jinx the Jets.

Even straight up, with the Bengals playing Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco and Co. the entire game, the Jets would have a good chance of winning. With the Bengals almost certain to rest their stars at some point in the game, the playoff-starved Jets should be a lock to close the stadium in style.

(Although apparently J.T. O’Sullivan is no Curtis Painter.)

Gary Myers says they’ll win, too, despite the ominous, superstitious assertion that “it’s all set up for another Jets disaster.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Saying Hey to Bay