VSL// These people are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore

Sometimes just a title can say it all. So it is with the straightforward Angry People in Local Newspapers, a hilarious collection of photography that, yes, shows people looking angry in the pages of neighborhood newspapers.

The site is the work of Alistair Coleman (the man behind the popular British blog Scaryduck). As he explains on the site: “I feel sorry for local news photographers. They are hugely skilled and poorly paid, and sent out to photograph miserable people pointing at dog turds. Here, we celebrate their work.” The collection of pictures, taken from U.K. papers you may not be familiar with (such as the Wakefield Express, The Lancashire Telegraph, the Glasgow Evening Times), capture citizens of all ages showing their displeasure at issues such as local pub closings, road construction, vandalism and shoddy home repair. Our personal favorite: a shopkeeper fined for not producing commercial garbage, and photographed inexplicably holding a chicken. We can’t wait till someone comes up with a U.S. edition.

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