AOL Makes Logos, Plans Layoffs

Ten years out from the Time Warner merger (“worst deal of the century,” per Gerald Levin), AOL is reinventing itself with a myriad of new logos. And today, some good news: consumers like the new logos! Today, The Business Insider reports that the AOL rebranding (“Aol.”) received favorable ratings in a survey by YouGov’s BandIndex.

Also, some bad news: layoffs. AOL (“Aol.”) failed to meet its target of 1/3 of the workforce to take “voluntary” layoffs. A spokewoman told PCWorld:

“We did not reach our target of 2,500, so as we said back in November, we will need to do an involuntary layoff to reach that 1/3 reduction in the overall employee population. That involuntary piece has not happened yet.”

But the goldfish, it’s cute, right?