Apple Not Actually an Impenetrable Fortress of Secrecy

905141852 Apple Not Actually an Impenetrable Fortress of SecrecyHow does Apple maintain its official policy of not discussing unreleased products? With an actual policy of carefully controlled leaks. A former marketing manager explains to Mac Observer:

The way it works is that a senior exec will come in and say, “We need to release this specific information. John, do you have a trusted friend at a major outlet? If so, call him/her and have a conversation. Idly mention this information and suggest that if it were published, that would be nice. No e-mails!”

The communication is always done in person or on the phone. Never via e-mail. That’s so that if there’s ever any dispute about what transpired, there’s no paper trail to contradict either party’s version of the story. Both sides can maintain plausible deniability and simply claim a misunderstanding. That protects Apple and the publication.

Consider the case of the long-rumored (and David-Carr-thrilling) Apple Tablet, which the company confirmed only Monday.