Green: Everyone’s Becoming Jerry Nadler

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is touting her support among pro-choice and gay-rights advocates. Harold Ford Jr. says he supports same-sex marriage and is moving away from the “pro-life” language he was using until recently.

“The two camps are mirror images of each other: each thinks the other is presumptuous and too conservative,” former public advocate and general  Mark Green said in an interview just now.

“Look how she voted as an upstate congresswoman. Look how he voted as a congressman from Tenessee. Both will now turn into Jerry Nadler,” said Green, referring to the uber-liberal congressman from the West Side (he’s supporting Gillibrand, by the way.)

“If both candidates are executing the same 180 degree turns on the same issues, then it’s a wash,” Green said. “Then it comes down to personality, money, institutional support and editorial support.”