Lazio Aide: ‘Cuomo Nervous’

Fred Dicker reported this morning that Al D’Amato wants Rick Lazio to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (or whoever wins the Democratic primary), arguing that Andrew Cuomo will be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee and hard to beat.

D’Amato, it should be noted, is also raising money for Cuomo. Lazio’s people are pushing back on today’s story, saying it “proves how nervous Andrew Cuomo is.” 

Here’s the statement from Lazio’s spokesman, Barney Keller:

“Today’s story only proves how nervous Andrew Cuomo is about Rick Lazio. His camp knows that Rick Lazio represents something new and fresh while Andrew Cuomo is part of the some old Albany gang that has failed us. To be clear, Rick Lazio is running for Governor, and under no circumstances will he switch to run for Senate. End of story.”