Michaels and Norcross start new firm

Jeffrey Michaels and Philip Norcross formed a new organization, Optimus Partners, LLC,  on January 1, 2010, that will primarily focus on servicing private businesses and other organizations looking to invest in New Jersey or expand their current investments or operations in the state, and to otherwise assist them in confronting their strategic issues.

Michaels and Norcross bring decades of senior public sector and high-level private sector experience to assist organizations in meeting their strategic objectives.  Michaels is a former Chief of Staff to Gov. Donald DiFrancesco, and Norcross is a South Jersey attorney.

Michaels will be the President and Chief Executive Officer of Optimus Partners, and Norcross will serve as Chairman.   This new organization is not affiliated with the Parker McCay law firm and will not impact Norcross’s duties at that firm.