Salit: Obama Is Losing Independents

Jackie Salit, head of the Independence Party in New York City, said Obama has lost touch with the independent voter and has been too focused on tending to the Democratic base. Salit, in an email to supporters this morning, said that Obama could lose the White House if he keeps this up.

(Membership in the Independence Party is not the same as voters not enrolled in a political party.)

From Salit:

“While the progressive leadership of the movement played the key role in swinging independents to Obama in 2008, the Obama team has turned a blind eye since then, choosing instead to focus only on the Democratic Party base. But if you do that, instead of finding ways to cultivate the progressive voices in independent politics, you’re going to lose elections like the one yesterday. And, you might even lose the White House if you don’t wake up to the fact that there is an emerging political universe – the independent movement – that you know nothing about.