All in the Family: Lerers, New Media Men Both, Swap Lairs

thrillist All in the Family: Lerers, New Media Men Both, Swap LairsAccording to city records, Thrillist’s Ben Lerer, founder of the daily email newsletter geared toward a fine-tuned combo of urban mountain man and manicured metrosexual, sold his Soho loft for $1.65 million … to his dad! The senior Mr. Lerer, Kenneth, is a fellow new-media mogul and co-founded the Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington.

A few weeks ago, The Observer reported Ben Lerer’s Wooster Street apartment purchase, which he and his bride, Emily, bought from Whoopi Goldberg for $2.985 million.

The Thrillister bought his recently swapped Soho loft for $1.575 in 2006 from a Ms. Elizabeth Williams. Considering the recent transfer was within family lines, no broker was needed. However, Halstead’s Barbara Godson, who represented Ms. Williams in the 2006 sale, described the spacious one-bedroom to The Observer. “You know, it’s a very attractive apartment because it has antique oak beams and large stretches of exposed brick walls. When I was there it was very simply done with large, west-facing windows. Just very attractive.”

Hmm, thrilling indeed.

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