An incredible, must-read story about the Mercer County Sheriff

An angry Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin walked into a class at Mercer County Community College earlier this month and demanded an apology from a professor who cited the law enforcement official as an example of someone who collects a pension and government salary, according to a story in the college newspaper.

One of the students in the State and Local Politics class was Brooke Seidl, who works for the Mercer County Clerk.  Apparently she sent Larkin a text message telling him about the comment, the Sheriff called college security and had them deliver a note to Prof. Michael Glass instructing him to call him immediately.  When Glass did not respond – he thought it was a joke – Larkin and an aide went to the campus – at 9:20 PM — and walked into the classroom.

“This isn’t over,” Larkin is quoted as telling the Glass, who did apologize.  The aide: “You’re a terrible teacher, you should get your facts from a book.”

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