Bloomberg Promises to Put Something at the W.T.C., Soonish

Michael Bloomberg promised this morning that there will, eventually, be progress at Ground Zero, where development has been delayed. Again.

On his radio show, Bloomberg said, “I’m not going to leave this world with that hole in the ground ten years from now.”

UPDATE: Steve Sigmund of the Port Authority emails to dispute the assertion that there’s no development happening at Ground Zero, and says more information can be found on a P.A. web site, appropriately named

UPDATE 2: Sigmund emails:

“We agree with the Mayor that the site should move forward, just as the Port Authority is doing with the Memorial, One World Trade Center and every one of the public projects we are responsible for. The only part of the site that isn’t moving forward is Larry Silverstein’s.

But a public bailout is not the answer. The Port Authority will continue to work for a rational plan that invests public and private dollars to move the site forward.”