Corzine Thinks Goldman Should ‘Speak a Little Less’

With Goldman Sachs mired in a months-long p.r. spiral–so bad that its outspoken spokesperson took to the Huffington Post to state the company’s case–one former C.E.O., who happens to know a bit about bad press, has a suggestion.

“The best thing to do is kind of what the p.r. consultants said, speak a little less, do a lot to serve your clients and your shareholders,” Jon Corzine told Bloomberg Television this morning.

Having made his own missteps on the way to losing his re-election bid last year, the former New Jersey governor knows how easy it can be to let something like “God’s work” slip out there. “It is easy to mis-phrase something at the wrong time. Maybe you thought you were tongue in cheek,” Mr. Corzine said.

Though he was ousted in an ugly coup ten years ago, Mr. Corzine isn’t one of the haters. “People are broadly frustrated with the financial institutions, and since it is the leader of the industry and has shown great success over a long period of time, I think it’s more vulnerable,” he said.