Crime Waves: ‘The Worst Possible System, Except for All the Others’

Jerry Seinfeld is scamming the system: his driver uses a police placard, even though Jerry Seinfeld is not police!

Meanwhile, a Greenwich Village restaurant owner has been menacing his landlord with all manner of frightening things, including “pliers, a hammer, a fake gun, and even sexual assault by a large Eastern European chef.” But those days are over now; the restaurant owner has been sentenced to 15 years in jail, where the tables will no doubt be turned.

One woman tried to sell her dead son’s identity. Another is blaming her mentally-ill sister for the hit-and-run crash that involved her Acura.

And this week jurors got their time to shine, at least according to The Times. But that doesn’t mean than anyone actually likes being on a jury or thinks they work super well:

“I used to say–sort of taking the line from Winston Churchill; what he said about democracy, I say it about the jury system–it’s the worst possible system, except for all the others,” said Edward J. Bronson, professor emeritus at California State University at Chico, who taught constitutional law.