David Paterson Actually Still Really Mad at The Times.

For a brief moment, in Albany on February 14, it seemed like David Paterson had made peace with The New York Times.

But when Paterson spoke at his campaign kick-off last weekend, it was clear that no, he is still very angry.

The first part of this video shows the governor speaking on February 14, the second is from his February 20 campaign event.

On February 14:

“I appreciate that–what The Times‘ problem was, and I think they correctly said–I don’t know how they wrote it–but they said we were both on a head-on collision of circumstance, myself and The Times.”

On February 20:

“And this governor is not going to quit because tabloid newspapers print rumors and innuendo and lies, all the time waving the banner of a newspaper that could have cleared up the fact and chose not to do so.”