Diaz Sr. Blames Paterson’s Thin Crowds on Gay Marriage

Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., who has made a career of giving his Democratic colleagues more than a little agita, put out a statement that seems to blame Governor David Paterson’s low-wattage campaign kick-off on…his support for gay marriage, which did not pass the legislature last year.

“Where is the gay community now that the Governor needs them?” Diaz said in a public statement.

He went on:

“I remember back on Sunday May 17, 2009, I organized a demonstration of tens of thousands people in front of Governor David Paterson’s Manhattan
office to protest his staunch support for gay marriage and the Governor stood by the gay community and didn’t waver.”

“I am not endorsing Governor Paterson but I admire his commitment to those whom he believes are his friends. My father used to say in Puerto Rico ‘My
friends are my friends with their virtues and flaws’,” said Senator Díaz.