Ford Aide to Lupica: Read Your Own Paper

Daily News columnist Mike Lupica questioned Harold Ford’s claim that he’s “always been pro-choice,” writing, sarcastically, “Sure he has.”

Ford’s spokesman, Davidson Goldin, is now blasting Lupica for what he says is misrepresenting Ford’s actual record on the issue.

“Harold has always been a supporter of abortion rights,” Goldin wrote in an email to The Observer. “If Mike Lupica took the time to read his own newspaper he’d know that.

The New York Daily News last month reported that Jeff Teague, president of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee who’s known Harold for 20 years, said, ‘He voted with Planned Parenthood the majority of the time – it is wrong to characterize him as anti-choice.’ “

UPDATE: They’re not letting this one go. Kirsten Gillibrand’s advisor, Jef Pollock, emailed to say, “Harold Ford Jr. appears to want to run away from his own words, ‘I’m pro-life, I’m pro-life, Tucker, so I mean, I don’t run from that.’ Over two hundred women’s rights advocates and concerned citizens have signed an open letter to Mr. Ford to let him know that he won’t get away with covering up his anti-choice record. He’s clearly disappointed that Mr. Lupica is looking past his hetoric and at his record.”

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