Lonely Leno Goes to Letterman, Just for a Laugh

Last week, Jay Leno flew to New York, donned a fake moustache and a hoodie, and snuck into the Ed Sullivan Theater to shoot this 15-second Super Bowl ad for his once and future rival, Dave Letterman.

“We went into a logistics meeting that would have made the CIA proud,” the Late Show‘s executive producer, Rob Burnett, told the Post.

But, according to Mr. Burnett, the surprise ad wasn’t an attempt by Mr. Leno to repair the tarnished image that’s made him such a loner in late-night.

“This wasn’t done to help Dave or to help Jay,” Mr. Burnett said, “though I think it does help both of them. It was just done because Dave thought it would be funny and would entertain people. Nothing went beyond that.”