Loudon Wainwright III has ‘The Krugman Blues’

Paul Krugman has a distinction that few of his fellow Times columnists can claim: he is the subject of a blues song.

Loudon Wainwright III has written a number about the Nobel Prize–winning economist, which The New Yorker shared with their readers today

“I read The New York Times,” sings Wainwright, “that’s where I get my news. Paul Krugman’s on the op-ed page; that’s where I get the blues.”

In “The Krugman Blues,” Wainwright reflects that it is the columnist’s sense of melancholy that makes both a compelling and challenging character.

“When Paul goes on the NewsHour to talk to old Jim Lehrer, he looks so sad and crestfallen, it’s more than I can bear,” Wainwright sings. “I guess that I identify with that pissed-off look on Paul’s face.”

Wainwright concludes by recounting, in song, an encounter with Paul Krugman on the Amtrak to DC. Krugman looks up from his laptop when Wainwright says, “Hey, Paul.”

“Keep up all the good work, Paul,” Wainwright tells him. “You bring me down, but way to go, Paul.”

The song appears on Wainwright’s most recent album, 10 Songs for the New Depression.



Loudon Wainwright III has ‘The Krugman Blues’