Meng Gives Paterson Some Time

Assemblywoman Grace Meng of Queens puts her finger in the dam, and tries buying Governor David Paterson some time. Meng’s statement was sent out before news out began reporting Paterson was ending his campaign.


“Governor David Paterson is still our Governor and currently the only Democrat running for Governor. Let us give him, the office and New Yorkers the respect that is desperately needed right now to focus on finding solutions to better the lives of New Yorkers.  A fair and thorough investigation will be conducted by our Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. We should have the same respect and faith in that process as we should in the process of electing our representatives.

“When did we earn the right to tell people who should and should not run for office? The last time I checked that task is left to the voters on Election Day. We still function in a democracy and are Democrats and thus, should believe in the democratic process. I dare say that most of us would not even tell our own opponents that they are not qualified and therefore should not run for office.”