Monserrate’s Speech: I was Denied Due Process, and Only Voters Can Expel Me

Here’s Hiram Monserrate’s speech yesterday, in which he argued that only voters, not his colleagues, should be able to expel him.

“I think it’s the height of arrogance, for someone who never pulled the lever in my community, never saw the narcotic sales on Roosevelt Avenue, that never saw the lack of services that my community receives to think that today they have more power than the constituent voters who sent me here to represent them.”

Monserrate also said he was denied “due process.”

The vote to expel Monserrate was 53 in favor, and eight against, a surprisingly high level of consensus.

Not surprisingly, every Republican voted to remove Monserrate; the eight who opposed expulsion were all Democrats: Eric Adams, Ruben Diaz, Martin Malave Dilan, Pedro Espada, Carl Kruger, Kevin Parker, John Sampson, and of course Monserrate himself.

One noteworthy vote: Malcolm Smith, who Monserrate helped to depose from his leadership post, voted to oust Monserrate.