Morning Read: Kerik is Sorry, Kelly is Popular, Paterson is Distracted

The Times says David Paterson’s doesn’t work much.

The Times Union runs it above the fold.

Clyde Haberman on Harold Ford: “[S]omeone might want to encourage him to expound on what makes one a New Yorker. Merely paying taxes doesn’t cut it.”

Ford called Kirsten Gillibrand a “tobacco apologist.”

How much is Ford’s exploration costing?

Hiram Monserrate’s judge “appeared unmoved.”

Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are for the public option.

Ray Kelly, popular.

Bernie Kerik, sorry.

Job creation, Albany-style.

Malcolm Smith, “clueless.”

John Liu writes to the Daily News.

Eric Dinallo discussses MBIA with The Times.

Diane Savino hits Paterson on “sin taxes.”

The Aqueduct probe deepens.

Paterson says there’s nothing there.

More Ground Zero delays.

Bloomberg said this morning, “I’m not going to leave this world with a hole in the ground.”