Mort Still Mulling, All the Action is in D.C., More Morning Newsiness…

Remember the city’s plan to root out bad teachers? Well, it’s in full swing; there have been three dismissals!

Mort Zuckerman isn’t dismissing the idea of running for the Senate. The real estate and media mogul is talking to George Pataki and Ed Cox about running as a Republican.

In fact, lots of New Yorkers are eying the Senate this morning. Chuck Schumer is hoping those Republicans who helped push the jobs bill along on Monday will vote for his $15 billion dollar package.

The “Volcker Rule” looks like it’s dying on the vine down there. The Senate would rather “limit” risky trading than “ban” it. And Vogue star Tim Geithner is already promising to soften it up.

Meanwhile, Ben Bernanke has to deliver his annual message to Congress, and Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda is also prepping for a good grilling.

Wall Street doesn’t like what it’s seen from Washington so far, says The Washington Post. Last election cycle, JP Morgan gave 70-odd percent of $500,000 to Democrats; this year its 70-odd percent to Republicans. But, to put that in some perspective, these midterms are supposed to cost in the neighborhood of $3.7 billion dollars.