Paterson: Cuomo Will Be in Same Mess

David Paterson lit into Andrew Cuomo, basically for not announcing his gubernatorial candidacy and therefore avoiding having to say anything about the state’s financial mess.

Here’s what Paterson said this morning on the John Gambling show, according to Jimmy Vielkind:

[W]hat does Andrew Cuomo think about the wall Street bonuses? As last I checked, he was for eliminating them.”


“What does Andrew Cuomo think about the budget plan? What does Andrew Cuomo think about a way to pay for the MTA? He doesn’t have an opinion. So in other words, you can go to the unions and tell them ‘I’m with you’ and go to the businesses and tell them ‘I’m with you.’ You can go to John Gambling and tell him, ‘I’m with you.’ But since you don’t have to make a decision.”


“[T]here’s no way he can avoid winding up in the same circumstance that I’m in.”