Paterson to Times: Have Some ‘Common Decency’

Glenn Thrush has the letter David Paterson’s office sent to The New York Times’ public editor:

At any point, the Times’ editors could have easily issued a public statement clarifying that the profile neither contained nor supported the salacious stories being sourced to it. Doing so would not have compromised the legitimate reporting being undertaken, the exclusive content being developed, nor the paper’s right to produce such a profile. A public clarification would, however, have spared the public the misleading spectacle of the last week. Common decency, if not journalistic ethics, demanded as much.

We ask that in your role as Public Editor you undertake an inquiry of the propriety of the paper’s actions and decisions that allowed this sorry set of events to unfold. Unfortunately, it is not in your power nor the New York Times’ to undo the damage that has been already been done in this case.