Un-Governor Christie: New record for Executive Orders

In his boldest move yet, Un-Governor Christie continues his assault on more and more areas of the budget in his attempt to Un-Govern New Jersey as much as possible. He issued 14 executive orders during first 23 days in office. A record for modern NJ governors since the 1947 Constitutional Convention.

Former Gov. Jim McGreevey issued five executive orders in his first 30 days, while former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman issued eight in her first 30 days. It took McGrevey until 03/05/02 to get to 14. And took Governor Corzine until 5/12/06 to get to 14. 

Clearly, Christie has a great deal of un-governing to do. He has un-governed COAH with an Exec Order. He issued two Exec Orders (count’em, two!) declaring a state of fiscal emergency (it would seem to me that with all the financial cutbacks, one would have been enough, but I guess the Un-Governor really wanted to make his point here).

And curiously, while he was Un-Governing, he also created some “More Government” with Exec Order 3: Creates a Red Tape Review Group. And with Exec Order 5: Establishes a Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. Exec Order 11: Creates New Jersey Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment Advisory Commission. Exec Order 12: Housing Opportunity Task Force, to gut COAH. My good friend Marcia Karrow is in charge of that one. 

I am sure that next on his agenda will be to set up an advisory panel to cut Open Space money from farms in Farmville and to establish a commission to battle the corruption in Mafia Wars. 

Un-Governor Christie: New record for Executive Orders