2010 Spring Arts Preview: Television

  • Whether you can tell the difference between 9-iron and a 3-wood doesn't matter; you'll be watching Tiger Woods return to the golf course with the rest of the world.

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  • What else could be expected from new series creator David Simon (The Wire) besides overwhelming excellence?

  • The noise surrounding the show that made glee clubs cool (and Jane Lynch an outright star) is louder than any high note Lea Michele can belt out.

  • Maybe because we don't actually find Betty White funny, but this has a chance to be a disappointment despite the clamoring of millions on Facebook.

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  • Explore sets from Lost with Hawaii Encounters

    Cheekily titled "The End," the series finale will mark the last time you hear anyone in your office utter the phrase "smoke monster."

  • A comedy of social malfunction about six Angelenos (Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Megan Mullally, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr) working at a catering company is the funniest show you've never seen.

  • Because there's nothing better than watching a bunch of Bridezillas go crazy while wearing Alita Graham gowns. Seriously!

  • Since the ratings haven't been good, this could wind up being the series finale, so it could be your last chance to watch this charming spy comedy.

  • Over/under on the number of stars and musicians host Aziz Ansari will alienate or upset: 50. Take the over.

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  • Nightly What separates comedian Chelsea Handler from the other late-night hosts besides gender? Her show's roundtable of comedians, which always provides more laughs than it should.