Anti-Monserrate Literature in Jackson Heights

Here’s a flier that is circulating in Jackson Heights, featuring a photo of Hiram Monserrate the night he was arrested for an incident involving his girlfriend and a broken glass.

The flier doesn’t say who paid for it, but the back refers you to a web site that is dedicated to depicting Monserrate as a criminal, and has footage of Monserrate dragging his girlfriend through the hallway of his apartment building after the incident that night. The footage earned him a misdemeanor. It’s unclear who owns or runs the site.

The return address on the flier 77-15 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, which doesn’t leave many clues.

Monserrate is trying to regain his Senate seat after he was expelled, and is facing a challenge from Assemblyman Jose Peralta, who a number of Democrats and unions are supporting.