Anti-Peralta Literature Invokes Same-Sex Marriage

Here’s an anti-Jose Peralta flier making it’s way around the district, noting that he is supportive of same-sex marriage.

“Jose Peralta voted 3 times for the gay marriage bill,” the flier says.

This is the third flier for this race I’ve seen today.

Opposing same-sex marriage is one of Hiram Monserrate’s main arguments as to why he should be back in the State Senate after he was expelled.

UPDATE: The P.A.C. targeting Monserrate responds to the “hate fliers” and says he is putting “another foot down into his political grave.”


Here’s the public statement:

“With each hate-mongering, fear-rattling, equality-stunting volley, Hiram Monserrate digs another foot down into his political grave.  Monserrate’s attacks on marriage equality are both a moral and political misjudgment.  The voters of the 13th Senate District strongly support equality, and will send that message when they defeat Monserrate on March 16th, said Valerie Berlin, spokesperson for Fight Back New York.

“Fight Back New York is a political action committee that seeks to remove from office New York State Senators who vote against or block legislation that would provide equality and safety for LGBT New Yorkers. Fight Back New York’s first target for defeat is Hiram Monserrate.”

Anti-Peralta Literature Invokes Same-Sex Marriage