Bill Clinton on David Paterson

Bill Clinton talked briefly with Fox 5 this morning about David Paterson and the troubles facing New York Democrats.

“We have to not defend the indefensible, defend the defendable, but mostly stand and deliver,” said Mr. Clinton, who said he didn’t know anything about Mr. Paterson’s situation except what had been reported in the press. He stressed New York is not a particularly ideological state and that Democrats should focus on jobs and the economy.

“Ironically, New York might be the only state in the country where there’s more alienation at the state and local level than at the national level. Most places it’s the other way around,” he said.

“I think that the Democrats ought to take the lead in coming up with some real initiatives that will make people know that the state has recovered its rich heritage of reform. And do some things that will get some more jobs, some more positive investment in here.”