Chatroulette Improv-Star “Merton” Speaks

Today, Mashable’s Brenna Ehrlich landed the premier interview via Skype with Chatroulette’s first break out star, in which we learn that “Merton” the green-hooded, piano-playing funny man discovered Chatroulette with friends a couple weeks ago, shot roughly six hours of video to make the 5 minute YouTube classic, likes to tickle the ivories in unusual situations, isn’t comfortable with performing on stage in front of large crowds of people, posted the video privately at first, was initially suspicious of all the positive feedback, is getting a lot of interview requests, typically plays introspective music with no vocals, is influenced by Tori Amos, would like to go head-to-head on Chatroulette with a heckler, is not currently in a band, loves Ben Folds’ recent tribute to his work, and hopes to keep his anonymity as long as possible.