Council Budget Increases 4.6 Percent

Here’s Christine Quinn defending a 4.6 percent increase in the City Council’s operating budget.

Quinn said it’s mostly due to cost of living adjustments for city workers, part of an earlier deal the mayor had struck. She added that in the last three years, the City Council has reduced headcount by 30 people, and cut $2 million from Council spending.

She said that reduction far exceeds any reductions made to other legislative bodies, like the State Legislature or Congress.

“I would argue our budget is the same as it was last year,” Quinn said, adding that “the only difference” is that “all city workers got cost of living increases.”

“We made a decision to treat City Council workers the same as other workers. Therefore, we gave everyone a cost of living increase,” Quinn said.
Quinn also said the Council “found ways to absorb” other cost increases without raising its operating budget.

Council Budget Increases 4.6 Percent