Crowley: After Health Vote, Back to the Economy and Jobs

Coming off a major victory in passing health care, Rep. Joe Crowley of Queens and The Bronx said that the White House and Democrats in congress should now turn their attention back to the economy and job creation.

“I think what the White House does now is put more emphasis on what we’ve been doing all along, continuing to get the economy back into shape and create jobs,” Crowley, a democrat, said in a brief telephone interview.

The passage of the health care bill, he said, will help reverse the public’s unfavorable perception of congress.

“I think you saw a general malaise against congress recently,” and that “people’s opinion of congress had diminished substantially,” he said. “But I think when we accomplish something of such substance and such a broad and historical content — I think that really sparks something in people. I think in the end, what this is really going to be about is a congress that acted and did something as opposed to one failing and not being able to get it done.”