CW Says They Couldn’t Write Jules Kirby’s Lines Even If They Tried

This morning, Page Six reported that Jules Kirby, the most offensive character on Tinsley Mortimer’s show High Society, said that her remarks on the show were not her own. She was referring to this part: “My friends do not tend to be homosexuals, fat or Jewish-y bald . . . I use the N-word sometimes.”

Yesterday Ms. Kirby wrote on her Facebook: “I am sorry if you were offended. The show is scripted, and we are given lines and characters. My grandmother is married to a Jew . . . Everything was cut and pasted to make it look like I was a stupid bitch, and I regret that they do not do a better job of saying it is a docusoap, not a reality show.”

But a CW rep just wrote in to the Daily Transom to say that it is Ms. Kirby who seems to be confused. “With a show like this, it pretty much goes without saying that you can’t write this stuff,” wrote the rep.