DioGuardi Launches Senate Bid, Leaves Charts at Home

At Grand Central Terminal right now, former Rep. Joe DioGuardi  is announcing that he is going to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand. Wonder what Bruce Blakeman will say about this?

While I wait to hear back, I’ve been poking around DioGuardi’s campaign web site and came across a set of videos he’s posted.

This one talks about how Congress spends too much, and that he complained about it when he was there.

A Congress members’s voting card is “the most expensive credit card in the world,” he said. He then described the cover of a book he wrote: “That card said credit line: Unlimited. Expiration date: Never. Bill to: Future generations.”

“That was 1992. W’ere now in 2010. Has it gotten better?”

In this video, he continues his wonky talk and reminds me a little of Ross Perot, though the charts.

In another video, DioGuardi complains about the benefits and salaries given to public servants, saying, “Perhaps we’ve now overvalued government officials and government employees.”

DioGuardi’s campaign site also links to his Twitter account, which doens’t seem ready for action yet.

UPDATE: David Malpass is jumping in also, making it a three-way GOP primary. And DioGuardi plans to use one important weapon: his famous daughter.

DioGuardi Launches Senate Bid, Leaves Charts at Home