Eye Opener: Brooks on Bullock

David Brooks addresses the Sandra Bullock issue. [NYT]

New York didn’t win the Race to the Top. [NYT]

A Verizon iPhone, maybe. [Reuters]

Michael Bloomberg thinks pot is a “gateway drug.” [NYP]

Michiko Kakutani thinks Ian McEwan’s latest is a laugh riot. [NYT]

China said it “appreciates” President Obama’s efforts. [Bloomberg]

Anderson Cooper unearths not that much about Scientology. [Village Voice]

Chris Christie’s slashing budget didn’t help his approval rating. [Bloomberg]

The Obamas are hosting Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni tonight. [WSJ]

Generic drugs are funding New York’s cultural institutions. [Bloomberg]

Why are Lindsay Lohan’s feet covered in white powder? This isn’t even suspicious; it’s just weird. [NYDN]

Albany, still failing. [NYP]

Rain, still falling. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Brooks on Bullock